niedziela, 6 lutego 2011

Mr Rybinski - a substitute of real political opposition in Poland

Main difference between politics in Poland and UK is a lack of real economic debate in public life in Poland. The polish government is really enthusiastic in publishing data for periodic growth of GDP but isn't so eager in efforts directed to improve a level of public finances. Poland doesn't use the last years of economic prosperity to reduce a huge budget deficit and to prepare to live without massive EU funds awarded in financial perspective 2007-2013. Unfortunately the above topics aren't present in political debate. Instead of discussing these matters the polish MPs are engaged in a row about responsibility for airplane crash in Smolensk, which is quite important issue, but not fundamental for future prospects of Poland's economy. This unusual lack of concern has created space for civic debate over a state of public finances. One of the leaders of an informal citizen movement is Krzysztof Rybinski - 44 years old a professor of the economy, former deputy chairman of central bank of Poland, who now is rector of University of Economics and Computer Science in Warsaw. He is writing an interesting blog about Poland - related economic matters and also is really often present at a media in debate about threats from the lack of reforming a polish public finances.